L'Oreal Paris

Color Riche Le Vernis A Huile (14 Colors)


110 Crystal
114 Nude Demoiselle
220 Dimanche Apres Midi
222 Jardin Des Roses
224 Rose Ballet
552 Rubis Folies
554 Carmin Parisien
556 Grenat Irreverent
668 Bleu Royale
672 Gris Decadant
674 Noir Noir

The 1ST Varnish in oil.
Micro-Precious oils. Blowing brilliance. Vibrant colours. Divine perfume.

Intense, Deep, Fascinating ... THIS IS NOT ANY NAIL VARNISH, IT'S MY COLOR RICHE. Meeting of pure micro-oils and the most intense pigments for sophisticated, Crystalline ,colours.

L'Oréal Paris creates the 1st oil varnish, dazzling shine, haunting colors. A formula that slips on the nail, a perfect application in a single layer and a sweet fragrance that turns out once the nails are dry.

A flat brush to deposit the right dose of formula. A perfect application in a single layer.

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