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IDUN Minerals

Eir Waterproof Mascara

210,000 LBP

IDUN Minerals Eir waterproof is a mascara that creates full lashes with maximum volume thanks to its unique content and custom designed brush. It has a build-up formula, which means that the product is applied in several layers to create a separate and defined result, without the risk of making a mess and lumps. The amount of volume depends on how many layers are applied. Eir is a black mascara and the intense color comes from mineral pigments. Eir is water resistant up to 38 degrees and washed away with water only (over 38°C/100°F). Eir means copper in the old norse mythology, that is also reflected in the text on the bottle. Free from fragrance and developed for sensitive eyes. Ophthalmologically tested. Highly purified from nickel and chromium.

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