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L'Oréal Paris

Infaillible Lip Paint Lipstick (10 Shades)


102 Darling Pink
107 Dark River
201 Hollywood
204 Red Actual
205 Apocalypse
209 Nude on Fleek
210 Dead Lips
211 Babe-in
212 Nude-ist
213 Stripped Brown

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- Infaillible Lip Paint is a highly-saturated lipstick, for smooth & beautiful lips
- supercharged pigments for the most vibrant opaque color
- smooth fixing liquid lipstick texture for comfortable feel
- in-control brush applicator for one easy and precise stroke
- Lip paint available in 10 shades
- 2 lipsticks different finishes : 2 Lacquer (for glossy lips) and 8 Matte

L'Oreal Paris Infaillible Lip Paint lipstick range offers various bold colors in a lacquer or a matte finish to paint your life upside down.
The smooth fixing glazed lip paint texture will leave your lips with a comfortable feel.
The In-Control applicator will help you get the best ldefinition on both the heart and corners of the lips.
The Infaillible Lip Paint formula provides full coverage on your lips for the best of color and the smoothest feel, that lasts without bleeding or drying them out