Puma x Maybelline New York


Perfect for all your moments on the go, this Limited Edition eyeshadow stick works to create multiple eye makeup looks in an instant.

The Matte + Metallic Eyeshadow Duo Stick is an essential for a bold, street style-inspired makeup look. One of five high-endurance makeup products that make up the limited edition Puma x Maybelline Collection.

One end matte and the other metallic, this multitasking, waterproof eyeshadow stick delivers a lightweight finish that lasts up to 24-hours. This new and fierce eyeshadow makeup will be available exclusively at Ulta in a range of super-saturated shades – Discipline and Pulse, Warrior and Flow, Goals and Courage, Heat and Flash.

  • Step 1. Glide the darker color along the eyelid and up to the eye crease and blend.
  • Step 2. Use the lighter color as a highlighter on the corner of your eye and at the arch of your brow.
  • Step 3. Build on the eyeshadow for your desired color intensity.


This product is currently unavailable, if you order it now it will take up to 10 business days for it to be delivered