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Kiko Milano

Sweet Affaires All In One Mascara & Eyeliner

LBP 704,000

2 in 1 eyes: volume-enhancing mascara and black eyeliner.

Ideal for:
enhancing your eyelashes, as well as defining and adding depth to your eyes with just one product.

It’s special because:
- the mascara has a vegan*, elastic and fluid formula, enriched with cocoa butter and cocoa extract;
- the fibre brush design allows you to distribute the texture along the full length of the lashes, without leaving clumps;
- it’s easy to apply, even on the shortest lashes;
- it allows you to add a volume-enhancing effect to the lashes as desired, by building the product up in layers.

- the eyeliner has a vegan* formula with 90% ingredients of natural origin;
- its nylon tip ensures precise and even lines for a graphic, smudge-free look;
- its ultra-pigmented texture adheres perfectly to the eyelids;
- its soft and thin applicator makes it easy to use.

*does not contain ingredients of animal origin

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