Oh! Beauty Box

The Matriskin Box

172,000 LBP

Pre-Order now and receive your box starting December 15th, 2020. 

This edition is the first of a long-term collaboration with Matriskin, the skincare brand that makes science meet beauty. In this box, you will find the best-in-class products to fight aging.

The Matriskin Box includes:

  • The Eye Perimeter 360 Serum (15 mL): this serum acts on the lower part of the eye area against bags and dark circles, on the outer eye contour against crow’s feet, and on the upper eyelid against wrinkles.  Matriskin’s star product!

  • 2 Collagen M/P Serums (7.5 mL each): a unique combination of active ingredients with instant and long-lasting effect. An aqueous and non-greasy serum texture brings a pleasantly fresh feeling to the skin.

  • Instant Foaming Cleanser (150 mL): a soap-free cleanser with instant effect. The airy foam makes a pleasurable, gentle cleansing experience. The cleanser removes even the most stubborn traces of make-up deep in your pores with a patented active ingredient.

  • Pocket Mirror by L’Artisan du Liban: This handmade and local accessory is handy and useful for every single woman out there. We proudly support local talent and hope you do too. Remember, you are beautiful inside out!
                What do you think of this product? Write a Review
                What do you think of this product? Write a Review