L'Oreal Paris

True Match Powder (8 Shades)


R1/C1 Ivory Rose
D1/W1 Golden Ivory
R3/C3 Rose Beige
D3/W3 Golden Beige
N4 Beige
D5/W5 Golden Sand
D6/W6 Honey
D7/W7 Cinnamon

This is a brand new item which has not been used before.
Perfecting and beneficial melting powder.
• Ultra-Creamy, Ultra-Fine Texture And Extreme Softness: enriched with mineral pigments, Accord Parfait powder improves the quality of the skin.
• Ultimate Fusion With Skin: Accord Parfait powder perfectly matches the color and texture of the skin, without mask effect or overload for ultimate perfection, 10h * during. The skin breathes!
• Modulable Coverage: thanks to its powder so fine and so melting, Accord Parfait powder allows to matifier, unify or hide according to your needs.
• A Palette Of Natural Nuances: for a true color that remains perfect throughout the hours.
• Result: a perfectly natural complexion, unified to measure.

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