L'Oreal Paris

Brow Artist Xpert Pencil (4 Shades)


103 Warm Blond
105 Brunette
107 Cool Brun
108 Warm Brun

The 1st High Defining Brow Pencil. Creating instant natural brows by gradual shaping for the most perfected precise brow look.

Shape your Brows. Express Yourself. Discover the first high defining brow pencil,tailor-made shades for the perfect match! The triangular tip precisely outlines with the point, fills your brows with the rounded center, fixes them thanks to its easy glide formula. The soft styling brush tames and blends with its smooth short bristles for a natural finish. Find your match!

1. Gently fill in the beginning of the brow and blend with the soft spooley end
2. Fill-in the middle part of the brow with small strokes to mimic natural hairs.
3. Sketch the rest of the brow down to the tail and blend again.
4. Finish with precisely tracing the lower line of the brow for an Xpert finish.