Cure Anti-Pelliculaire

215,000 LBP

Scalp Intense Care Massage for abundant dandruff.

Helps eliminate dry and oily dandruffs, purifies the scalp.

RHAMNOSE: stimulates the activity of fibroblasts to enhance scalp quality
COMPLEXE AOX: prevent from sebum oxidation

PURIFICATION: reduces the appearance of flaking as of second application and the appearance of visible flakes is reduced for up to 4 weeks after the treatment is stopped
SOOTHING: diminishes itchiness due to dryness and redness

This cure is a 4-week treatment with 3 application per week. 1 phial per application. Apply to dry or towel-dried hair. Distribute onto the scalp section by section, massage with fingertips, proceed with usual styling. Leave-in. Do not rinse

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