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Cure Densifique

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Hair Density and Fullness Programme for women, 30 years old and over, who want to restore their hair density or have a natural lack of hair mass. Formula designed to be used on all kinds of hair (natural, color-treated or permed hair). Can be used on sensitive scalps: hypoallergenic & paraben free.

Optimizes hair life cycles in order to stimulate & awaken the dormant hair follicles, notably increasing the number of hair per cm²

- Complex Glycan & Yang: Optimizes the follicule growth phase, improves hair quality & thickness.
- Vitamins B3, B5 & B6: boost follicular activity.
- Texturizing Polymer: has an instant densifying action on hair fiber.
Helps maintain hair density and thickness
- Boosts the feel and look of hair
- Women say they feel more attractive, confident and feminine

Leave-in treatment. Apply daily to dry or towel-dried hair at the roots for 3 months. Fast drying.

To be applied to the scalp in the morning or at night to wet or dry hair. Can be used at any time of the year or season. For oily hair, a slightly greasy effect can be observed: we recommend applying Densifique at night.

It definitely boosts the feel and densifies hair look
Tony Ibrahim - Hair Expert
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