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Magic Retouch Hair Roots Concealer Spray


Cold Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Golden Brown
Mahogany Brown
Dark Blond

Magic retouch conceals grey roots in just one quick spray - when, where and how you need it. 


Perfectly matches and blends hair colour with leading shades, even salon colour.

3 seconds to flawless roots. Magic Retouch conceals greys and roots in just one quick spray - when, where and how you need it.

Our 1st Instant Root Concealer Spray:

Perfectly matches and blends with leading shades, even salon colour

From light blonde to black hair

Lasts until washed out

No transfer, lightweight formula

Up to 30 uses

The pinpoint micro-diffuser precisely targets greys and the rich colour pigments give you perfectly blended coverage. Find your shade!

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Mira Hasbini - The Kool Mom

Let me answer some FAQs

Price: app 7$ Shades: 8 different colors, I'm sure yours is one of them unless you have pink hair Where can I buy it? www.loolia.com (Use my promo code thekoolmom10 for a 10% discount) How long does it last? Until you wash your hair and sometimes even when you wash it, and not just wash it, WASH IT! So yeah, it LASTS and it's perfect for the pool. I Love this product! I always stock it! And it's not just for white hair, if you have some bald spots (yes even for men) or thin hair, use it. Make sure you're not too close to the roots, 15 cm away!

Safia Saleh

Magic touch

I like it , I am so happy for using this great product :D I recommend it to everyone ❤️

Nada Bahaj


It does cover my gray hair but I had to put too much for just a few hairs and it leave my hair Kinda sticky. It does stay long time though.

Jamie Azar

Little fact... I have probably purchased this item over a million time. I am sure that L'Oreal is still producing it because of me and because How much I use it.. The spray bottle is very handy and it's so cute and small that it can fit in my purse. I love the packaging. It's not heavy. It's lightweight. You can easily find this spray anywhere, in drug stores, and even on supermarket shelves. it's Very affordable as well. Personally, My hair is so thin and I have a bald spot that is so obvious especially when I tie my hair up , or push it back, so L'Oreal magic retouch has been a life saver for whenever I tie my hair up or just want that extra touch. The texture is very light. The smell is a bit strong depends on how much you spray. and it's similar to any spray paint. It's easily washable. and at the same time long lasting. It can last as long as you want with no touch-ups. It easily blends with the hair. so it's not very obvious that anyone is wearing the spray. The smell fades away once it dries out. It's not necessarily for white roots. It can just add up some color to the hair especially for those bald spots that we try to hide. I tried the product on my dad. and he loved it as well. So it's not for women only. men can use it too!

Alia Badreddine

Magic retouch

Packaging: It comes in a small package and is very lightweight and easy to carry aroundd. Smell: I havevery feww white hairs and incouod easily tell they got covered and as for the amount I sprayed the smell didnt feel unpleasant How to use: Spray it far from the roots to get the color recommended and it lasts up to 2 washes. Effect: I really liked this product and cannot live without it anymoree i even tried it on my eyebrows for a little lightness. It worked great for me. Ut also can be used when you tie your hair to voverbald spotss. I really recommend this product PLUS IT IS VERY AFFORDABLE FOR THE EFFECT IT GIVES!