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Kiko Milano

Volumeyes Mascara

100,000 LBP

Active mascara with volumizing effect. A new dimension for the eyelashes. Thicker lashes, day after day.

This innovative formula is enhanced with K2 Prolash Complex, a combination of active and clinically proven ingredients, offering surprising results. After 30 days of use, tested results show that eyelashes' average diameter increases more than 21 times when compared to traditional mascara.

The perfect coupling of formula and brush ensures intense volume with a dramatically curvaceous finish. The conical-shaped hollow fiber brush--designed exclusively for KIKO--distributes mascara evenly to reach even the smallest lashes at the corners of the eyes.

Easy to apply and effortlessly adapts to lashes. A creamy and supple texture that envelops and emphasizes lashes with a glossy, black finish.

Volume-boosting, fanned-out panoramic effect for thicker lashes and deeply intense eyes.

Enhances and draws attention to lashes, adding curves and definition thanks to its smooth texture that leaves no residue during application. The lashes' roots are intensified, lending eyes greater depth while ends are separated and not weighed down.

The texture ensures that the product does not dry on the lashes or crumble throughout the day.

Apply one or more coats, positioning the applicator at the base of the lashes. Start at the center of the lashes by brushing upward from root to tip in a zigzag motion. Then, with the tip of the brush, apply mascara on the outer and inner corners of the eye. Finally, use the same technique on the lower lashes to complete the application.

For more dramatic results apply more coats, putting more emphasis on the base of the lashes.

Lashes are immediately plumper. Eyes are intense and flawlessly framed.

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